Under Cabinet TV For Kitchen With Mount & DVD Reviews

under cabinet tvUnder Cabinet TV is a kind of TV created specifically to mount below a kitchen area cabinet to have room on the counter. It also includes a swivel LCD display that makes it easy to see your favorite television shows from anyplace in the cooking area.

Regular under the cabinet TV include flip down LCD display and almost have built-in digital television tuner, DVD player, speakers, AM/FM radio, wireless remote control and A/V output. An under cabinet kitchen TV is an excellent inclusion to any kitchen area and you are entertained when you are baking or cooking.


Sony ICF-CD555TV 7-Inch Under-Counter LCD TV/CD Clock RadioSylvania SKCR2706BT Under Cabinet Kitchen TVSony ICF-DVD57TV Under the Cabinet LCD-TV
Brand Name: Sony Sylvania Sony
Color: Silver Black Silver
Dimensions (inches): 15 3/4 x 4 1/8 x 12 3/4 17 x 15.8 x 20.5 20.3 x 17 x 8.6
Item Weight: 12 Pounds 6.7 Pounds 11 Pounds
Model Number: ICFCD555TV SKCR2706BT ICFDVD57TV
Our Rating: 3.9 2.9 3.6
Price Range: $$$ $$ $$$$
Main Feature: Mega Bass/Mega Expand Sound System Includes Remote Control Flip Down LCD Display
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Price Range: $ : less than $100, $$ : $100 – $200, $$$ : $200 – $300, $$$$ : $300 – $500
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What is an Under Cabinet Kitchen TV?

An under the cabinet TV for the kitchen is a TV specifically made to hang below a kitchen cupboard. In contrast to a normal television that may sit on a countertop, the under the cabinet TV floats over the workspace, seemingly hanging midway. This unusual approach gives a degree of space-saving and functions and convenience which has proven more popular than ever in recent times, especially with small kitchens.

Besides TV watching, many under cabinet mount TV now come along with other helpful functions, including clock timerAM/FM radio, and DVD player. With the inclusion of a remote camera device, it is possible to keep an eye on a kid’s room from the cooking area while preparing dinner.

Top 3 Under Cabinet Televisions


  • SYLVANIA SKCR2706BT UNDER CABINET KITCHEN TV10.2-Inch under cupboard kitchen television with integrated HDMI, DVD player, FM radio, and Bluetooth.
  • Simple to set up with the mounting template (given). Swivel display which also can move to save room when ideal.
  • USB port power charger in order to recharge your tablet or phone.
  • Integrated NTSC/ATSC tuners – watch from the air shows. Connections consist of audio, video, and RF.
  • Features a fully functional remote control device.



  • Super slender under counter TV
  • 7-inch widescreen color LCD panel screen
  • Cable/ TV tuner (with automatic channel search)
  • Television Auto/Stereo SAP feature
  • Mega Expand bass audio function



  • Flip-down, nine-inch, LCD color display offers rich DVD playback and TV
  • Plays default CD-R/RW, CD, DVD-R/RW discs, and DVD footage
  • Tune television along with common cable or antenna
  • Simple fix kitchen timer integrated
  • Includes complete-feature remote control device


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Advantages of Under Cabinet TV

When you mount a TV at a particular spot of your kitchen area, you can view while you’re preparing a meal, while cleaning the dirty meals and while eating.

You will no longer waste time washing after your personal mess simply because your much-loved celebrity cook is on the display. Cooking meals after their personal recipe will be much easier for you since you can watch every food preparation step simply by watching them cautiously.

While cooking concentration is a major thing you must have. Many people have thoughtlessly left their cooking pots burning and boiling their meals simply because of being so interrupted by the TV. When you get an under cabinet TV for the kitchen, you can watch the TV display without completely taking your focus from your pot.

How Does an Under Cabinet TV for Kitchen Work?

In the default setting an under cabinet television includes a hinged flat panel display and a base unit. The base section stays mounted to the bottom of the cupboard and has the majority of the controls and electronics that run the television. The hinge system lets you turn the LCD display from a horizontally to vertical stance for watching.

It often includes an extra joint which enables the display to move right and left, therefore, you can change it to the preferred watching angle. When configured the display can simply return to its finished position away from the way until it is required again.

This configuration has some clear benefits for anybody who prefers an under cabinet TV DVD radio. First, in the finished position an under the cabinet TV is away from the way as well as does not have to take up any precious countertop room.

Usually, the display goes into a recessed area of the base section for extra safety against splatter and spills. The base section on its own is rarely quite a few inches dense, therefore, the overall nature is safe.

To view television, the display can be immediately turned into the bottom position and moved to the right side for simple watching. Remarkably, this offers the feel of the television display floating midway which could be really appealing and increases the product’s “X Factor”. Numerous under cabinet TV DVD Combo models are available having a clock timer that many house cooks find helpful when cooking.

Under Cabinet TV Installation Tips

The installation of a kitchen under cabinet TV isn’t that hard. You will just have to choose the sweet spot where it has to be mounted. After you have selected the particular cabinet space where it ought to be mounted, ensure that the rest is free from other electrical wirings for safety measures. Ensure that the location is also clear of any supply of heat for example gas stoves and so on.

You must also check if under cabinet TV radio has a close by electrical outlet alongside it or in case, you will want an electrical wire extension for that need. The under kitchen cabinet TV should be visible for you personally and put it someplace comfortable for watching.

Protect the under cabinet TVs by using the best under cabinet TV mount, screws, and other dependable parts, and don’t just place it at an area where it may fall off simply during disasters for example earthquakes.

Location is Everything For a Kitchen Under Cabinet TV

For best outcomes it is very important that you select the best place. In case, you want to mount your under cabinet television in an existing kitchen area than the major difficulty will likely be the cable.

At least you may require a close by a power outlet, of course, if you want to make use of cable television you’ll also want a jack. Everything is much simpler if you’re in the midst of upgrading as you could arrange for the required hookups upfront.

Consider where you commit much of your time in your kitchen. Can you watch the television from that angle without needing to move your head? Most under cabinet kitchen TV DVD Combo units have a display that can move to allow you to have the best watching position. However, ensure that the angle of rotation can fulfill your requirements.

After you have the place determined and have found out the cabling connections you need to cautiously calculate the available settlement. Concentrate on the range from inside of the back wall to the cabinet. The majority of under cabinet TV reviews will suit but, some make more space compared to others. You’ll require an inch space for the cable connection and plugs.

Under Cabinet TV Mount is All You Need

If your cupboard has an overhang or valence you will have to add a few spacer to the installing screws so as the base regulates of the television are not blocked. In most situations these are given along with the installation set that comes along with the television. However, in case, your overhang is heavy you may need additional ones.

Because the display flips lower from below the cupboard ensure that your cupboard is sufficient above the countertop so as the display can be completely extended. This is particularly true in the case, you need to add an extra spacer when installing the bottom model.

The widespread usage of flat LCD panel displays makes the under cupboard television a practical choice for simply about any cooking area. Although set up can be somewhat hard, once the top under cabinet TV is installed many personal cooks find them important.