Under Cabinet Radio – AM FM, Bluetooth, Cd Player & Clock

under cabinet radio reviewsIf you are searching for radio to keep in your cooking area but don’t believe you have enough room, in that case, you should think about an under cabinet radio and or under cabinet radio reviews.

These kinds of under cabinet radios are created particularly for use under a cabinet or counter and they include particular equipment to allow you to try this with no problem.

Under the cabinet radios come with unique devices making it convenient and easy to mount it beneath the counter in your cooking area or any counter space in your home.

It includes under cabinet mount radio template, under counter mount, and in case, you wish you can buy one having an under cabinet radio CD player.

Under Cabinet Radio Comparison Chart

GPX KC232S Under Cabinet CD Player with AM/FM RadioSony ICFCDK50 Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Clock RadioSylvania SKCR2713 Under Counter CD Player with Bluetooth and RadioiLive iKB333S Under Cabinet Radio with Bluetooth Speakers
Brand Name: GPX Sony Sylvania iLive
Color: Silver Silver Silver & Black Silver & Black
Dimensions (inches): 11.4 x 11.8 x 7.3 13.7 x 12.2 x 3.4 14 x 4 x 12.5 9.1 x 7.3 x 2.4
Item Weight: 3.7 Pounds 6.4 Pounds 3.5 Pounds 1.6 Pounds
Model Number: KC232S ICFCDK50 SKCR2713 iKB333S
Our Rating: 3.3 4.4 3.7 3.9
Cooking Timer: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Control: Yes Yes Yes No
Tuner Technology: Analog Tuning AM/FM Digital FM/AM FM Tuner AM/FM
Price Range: $$ $$$$ $ $
Main Feature: Flip down MP3 Cradle One-touch Cooking Timer LED Display Supports Bluetooth v3.0
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Price Range: $ : less than $100, $$ : $100 – $200, $$$ : $200 – $300, $$$$ : $300 – $500
Price Disclaimer: All price ranges and ratings mentioned above are at the time of publishing.

Why Spend on an Under Cabinet Radio

In case, you are keen on working around with the cooking and you’re a music admirer as well, in that case, getting your personal under cabinet CD radio may turn out to be a great choice.

Increasing numbers of people are in fact using this device. This is not a wonder as this kind of radio under cabinet actually has many advantages and features.

Many Choices For Your Price Range

Next, there are plenty of brands that are offering this particular item. Meaning, you have a wide range of choices to select. This is often valuable in various ways.

This will offer you a wider selection of choices to help you get the model or unit which will suit your price range. This is extremely much important particularly if you’re working on a strict price range. As you might realize, you should not compromise high-quality for the cost.

Therefore, in case, you have extra choices, in that case, there are higher odds that you can find a unit for the best under cabinet radio. This will suit your price range but, won’t unnecessarily sacrifice the functions that you need.

Optional Functions

Similarly, you also have many options with regards to functions. For example, there are units and models that are more or less basic and they offer just the basic functions.

Therefore, if you need this under cabinet AM FM radio for the single reason for hearing music while cooking and only that, in that case, you can simply decide to choose the basic models and even spend less.

However, if you’re very specific about appliances and gadgets, there are units and models that are more sophisticated and which offer you extra high advanced functions that you’ll definitely enjoy.

For example, there are units which can convert like a TV set that can allow you enjoy your favorite TV programs even when cooking food.



sony icfcdk50 under cabinet cd clock radio

Time invested in your kitchen got more fun. This Sony slim and attractive radio under cabinet creates rich audio and includes an integrated audio wire for electronic music players. Made to optimize your counter room and mix with almost any decor, this radio is the ideal inclusion in your kitchen area.

Boasting effective sound quality and deep bass, this model allows you to love your preferred songs while you clean, cook, or simply relax having a mug of coffee. The integrated audio cable allows you connect electronic music player system while your CD player allows burned CD-R/RW.

An am fm under cabinet radio is also combined with 15 pre-programmed stations. For your comfort, a remote control device is given for changing radio stations, tracks, adjusting sound, etc.

Check SONY ICFCDK50 Ratings, Reviews And Discounts On Amazon


Fill kitchen area with songs, listen to radio and CDs and connect a music player. Hear traffic, news, weather report, offer background songs while amusing visitors and listen to all your preferred songs. You can find a 3.5mm music input port for connecting other music electronic gadgets. The GPX under cabinet cd radio is simple to mount and user-friendly.

The slim style fits beautifully in your kitchen area and a flip down MP3 cradle will make it simple to link your preferred MP3 music player. Simple hardware and mounting instructions are given. Each model features a negative LCD screen with white color backlight, timer and a digital clock that is ideal for usage in the dining rooms and kitchens.

For over three decades, GPX brand has offered among the largest collections of video and consumer audio products that are technology-driven. A top-rated consumer electronics brand, GPX under cabinet radio has built a good popularity on superb product quality, design, reliability, and value for money.

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Stream songs from your gadget to the iLive under cabinet radio for unparalleled power over your listening adventure. Listen to news, music, traffic, and weather with the AM FM radio and set your preferred stations using one of the 20 presets. It facilitates Bluetooth version 3.0 and contains a pairing switch to help you put it to use using a wide variety of Bluetooth supported gadgets.

The iLive under-cabinet Bluetooth speaker and radio also includes a kitchen area timer, a convenient light, as well as an easy wall mounting gear for simple assembly. The iLive under cabinet Bluetooth FM radio features a negative LCD screen with digital sound control and white backlight, therefore, you can fix the sound to a convenient degree for your personal use.

The user-friendly controls enable for a simple function and a big screen is simple to read and see. iLive items are created specifically to improve your digital products such as iPhone, iPod, Android, iPad, mobile phones, Blackberry, televisions, tablets, and Bluetooth-enabled units.

Their target is on creating an excellent product which acts as an expansion of these models, in both function and design, without sacrificing on feature-set, audio quality, or user-friendly setup.

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Some Other Under Cabinet Options Worth Mentioning

  • iHome under cabinet radio
  • Sylvania under cabinet cd clock radio
  • RCA under cabinet radio
  • Audiovox under cabinet cd clock radio

Best Under Cabinet Radio : Buyer Guide

Does An Under The Cabinet Radio Take Up Much Room?

For one, this kind of am fm under cabinet radio actually allows you save much room. In fact, it won’t take up room that is meant for other appliances or furniture that you want while doing work in the kitchen area.

You can simply mount it below your cabinet, cupboard or countertop. Based on your option of under the cabinet radio unit and model, you might even come across a smaller model which will effortlessly even fit in a little room.

Under Cabinet Radio Bluetooth Advantages

For one, this piece of innovation, in fact, saves much room. In other words, it is very small which it won’t take a lot of room that are meant for other equipment and appliances that you make use of in your cooking area.

Based on your option of under cabinet Bluetooth radio unit and model for this kind of kitchen radio, you can come across one along with the dimension of your liking. In case, you need something small, you’ll certainly discover that because of the wide range of selections for this kind of radio. However, in case, you still need something larger, in that case, you can also come across a model for that preference.

What To Consider When Looking For The Best Under Cabinet Radio

under the cabinet radio in kitchen
Initially, before you begin searching or canvassing for an actual model to buy, you should know the functions that you need for your under cabinet clock radio.

  • What dimension do you need?
  • Or perhaps do you need something larger?
  • What special functions are you searching for?
  • Do you need a really sleek and small model that will effortlessly fit below your kitchen cupboard?

The Portability of The Under Cabinet Radio With Light

In terms of this, you will like the truth that this kind of device is also compact. You can take it anyplace in your home and you could mount it anyplace in your cooking area or below any cabinet space in the kitchen space. This item is also more or less simple to function. You won’t need to do extra electrical processes and connections.

You Need to Do Comparison With Various Kinds

It will be recommended that you make a price comparison across various brands. As you might realize, there are in fact, plenty of brands which are marketing this kind of under cabinet radio with cd player and other features.

Each one has extra gimmicks and perks which are aimed at making you select their item over the other. Therefore, you ought to select the model from the brand which will offer you the greatest value for the investment or perhaps more.

Nevertheless, this budget criterion can be somewhat confusing. Obviously, you would like something inexpensive. However, on the other hand, you should always remember that you should by no means sacrifice quality over cost.

With the range of options you have for this item, you will certainly find a model which will match your preferences and needs. However, are also marketed at reasonably competitive rates that are under your budget range.

Simplicity of Use

All you have to do is press the power switch and your under cabinet CD clock radio will immediately operate. Therefore, in case, you are keen on working in your kitchen, experimenting and whipping up with new meals or making baked snacks while enjoying your preferred songs, then getting your own under cabinet radio with Bluetooth will certainly be an ideal option.

The recent units of under cabinet radios consist of clock timer, remote control offering you an excellent degree of comfort and making it simple for you to switch from one radio station to the other at your very own comfort.

Under cabinet radio and cd player free up room on your kitchen countertop for you to store any other things that you may need to reach often like a coffee maker or blender.

Under Cabinet Mount Radio Tips

Make sure that you select the right place to mount your cabinet under counter TV or radio. You don’t need to think of changing it to another place afterward because this might cause problems for it.

Search for the most suitable room in your kitchen area where you would like to mount your radio, a place where it’ll be most appropriate and in which you can listen to the songs from anyplace you’re in the cooking area.

After you have selected your place to put your radio make sure that you got access to location all of the essential wirings, therefore, you can put the necessary electrical socket.

Locations to Place Your Under Cabinet Radios Apart From The Kitchen Area

Counter or under cabinet radio for the master bedroom: Pay attention to the song and get the mood of your time by finding your tracks through remote control via your radio below a counter or cabinet in the space. Romancing all night long, out of your kid’s watchful attention creates a stronger romantic relationship and intimate times.

Radio for the daughter’s bedroom: Your little angel might have her classmates over for a pajama celebration to hear the pop songs they like, from High School Musical or perhaps individual artists to other groups. Getting the radio off the table or floor offers your queen more tabletop room for her other personal things.

Radio for the son’s bedroom: Present him an under counter radio which he can mount below a counter or cabinet in his own bedroom which he can access remotely when hearing his noisy rock tracks that he as well as his buddies can sing together with while in the perfect mood. Overall, we hope you select the top under cabinet radio for your needs after reading this conclusive guide.

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